Volunteer Ministries

Expressing Gifts and Talents in Service to the Lord
Your share is important, necessary and sufficient!

At “From the Heart Book Shop” churchgoers are able to obtain all the latest CD and DVD series of Sunday Worship Services as well as Tuesday evening Bible Study Services.

We have a wide range of Christian books, Bibles and children’s reading material which makes this little shop the ideal place to browse in either before or after the service. Our friendly staff are always on duty to assist in whatever the need may be.

Hospitality Ministry

“Hands and Hearts for God”- serving with love and care – To bless the congregation through service – The purpose of this Ministry is to do the planning and co-ordination of Church events, Special events, Funerals etc. Serving of refreshments after Church services and general housekeeping of the Church facilities.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

This ministry is the one that our Lord Jesus Christ has chosen us to do at this time. Prayer played a very important part in the life and ministry of Jesus. He took time to pray and also taught His disciples how to pray.

We find the purpose of our ministry in Jeremiah 1:9-10 “Then the Lord put forth to touch my mouth, and the Lord said to me: Behold I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over nations and over kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.”

We are excited about supporting our local church to move to the next level through the power of prayer. The Intercessory Prayer Ministry strives to provide 24-hour prayer coverage on a daily basis for the Body of Christ and committed ourselves to equip prayer warriors who are called to this ministry. Regular Prayer Workshops are held, and these can be attended by all church members who are interested to learn how to pray effectively.

Submit a prayer request.

Maintenance Ministry

We pride ourselves in the builing up and keeping up of our infrastructure. We are proud of our church building and church grounds and want all who visit to feel the same about our church. We set time aside, one Saturday each month, to help keep our church in a spotless condition.

Membership Care Ministry

The two-fold purpose of this ministry is to:

– Welcome new members into the Body of Christ and registering them into From the Heart Church Ministries of South Africa.

– Secondly to minister to one another the fruit of the spirit and our commitment to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Every believer must belong to, be attached to, firmly fixed in, submitted and committed to a local church.

We need to use our gifts and talents as unto the Lord in a manner that will glorify God and adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the Church Constitution.

To walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called as per Ephesians 4:1.

Men's and Women's Ministry

Men’s Fellowship

Families, Communities and Civilization will continue to be in a constant state of degeneration until men steps into the plan and follow the will of God for their lives. Through the Men’s fellowship we have caught a vision of what a man ought to be and have put away childish things.

It is the duty of the sons of God to represent God in the earth and to make Him appear as He is, to our families and to our fellow man. Our responsibility to protect our families and our environment should be evident in our lives.

Fellowshipping with like-minded men that Love God, Hate Sin and Love to Give has taken us into a place of unity with one another that, gives both glory to God and hope to the lost. We as sons of God and men of FTHCM of SA have chosen to live our lives according to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, so that we as well as our SEED may live. We will make a positive difference in our local church and leave an inheritance in the earth for generations to come.

Women’s Fellowship

The woman’s ministry at FTHCM of SA focuses mainly to teach woman from all ages their purpose and the plan according to the Word of God. We believe that woman were not an afterthought and that God has a very significant and purposeful plan for woman. It’s our desire to equip all woman so that they can walk victoriously in the fulfilled and successful life God ordained for them.

Music & Choir Ministry

“From our hearts Jesus, from our hearts we’ll sing your praise….”

Our dynamic, international team shows that across all diversities of life, Jesus’s praise is sung in one spirit and in one accord and in unity!

The doctrine of our Faith is written into the music, so that when we make a joyful noise, we continue to equip the saints with the Truth, our Faith, Jesus Christ!

We Love God, Hate Sin, Love to sing!

Performing arts Ministry

Through the spectacular world of the stage, we are bringing our talents not only to the stage but to God! Our purpose is to bring forth a message of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to all types of audiences in the world as our goal is to continue to inspire people to give their hearts and lives to God. There is no greater fulfillment than to use your body and voice to your full ability in order to glorify the One who blessed you with your talents. We do this all from our hearts!

Do not hesitate to join in the fun and fulfillment!

Sound and Multimedia Ministry

This ministry assists the local church in carrying out the vision, plan and motivation of the church through building a technological infrastructure that will help spread the Gospel beyond the physical church building. Provides audio and video coverage of worship services and special events.

The Known- Youth Ministry

2 Timothy 2:19
“The Lord knows those who are His”

The youth is at a very vulnerable stage in their lives. Acceptance without any judgement is very important to them. Because of this they can so easily feel accepted by the wrong group or things.

Here at From the Heart we don’t judge but accept and love them and therefore we teach them:

– To Love God, Hate Sin and Love to Give.

– How to handle life’s challenges and temptation.

– We teach them the truth according to the Word of God.

They discover their God given talents and learn how to use it for God, bringing their share into the church and of course, we have fun! We’re a crazy, fun loving, loud group of awesomeness!

We are THE KNOWN, and we are His!


Usher Ministry

An Usher is the doorkeeper in the house of God (Psalms 84:10) and assists the Pastor by ensuring that the service runs smoothly and successfully.

We are charged with the responsibility of providing an orderly entry into and from the church and assists the congregation where needed. From the Heart Ushers are courteous to all and always willing to serve the Body of Christ, with love

VIP’s Ministry

The VIP’s are open to all members of the congregation 60 years and above. We have monthly gatherings, usually the last Saturday of every month. 

What We Do

We bring out our creative side by doing arts and crafts while having fun and getting to know each other. Every alternative month we reach out to fellow VIP members of the congregation or to old age homes.

Our Goal

Is to reach the elderly and give them a chance to socialize and reach out to another VIP.

We want to help the elderly understand that they have a purpose in the life and to encourage them to bring their share in the Body of Christ, ultimately leading to the reconciliation of people to God.

To create an understanding and realization that God loves them and that they are blessed to become a blessing.

Young Adult Ministry

We strive to be Young Adults who are “without equal and beyond compare” in this generation. Our love for and our believe in the One, True, Living God who is infinite in all things is our focus. We believe He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent and that He manifests Himself in three persons. God the Father is our Source, God the Son is the way to the Source and the Holy Spirit is our Director, Guide, Enabler and Helper. We also believe that the Holy Spirit is equal in deity to the Father and Son. We believe that through the infilling of the Holy Spirit we are empowered to disassemble those things in our lives that are contrary to the Word of God and to assemble those things necessary to cause us to be effective members of the Body of Christ.

Young Hearts Ministry - Children's Church

At From The Heart Church Ministries we firmly believe in teaching and correctly dividing the Word of God. This starts from a very young age laying down a foundation with our Young Hearts Ministry. We teach our Young Hearts from an early age about the Vision, Plan and Motivation of from the Heart Church Ministries SA as well as the Seven Spiritual Principals of from the Heart.

We have a dedicated group of teachers teaching our Young Hearts every Sunday. The Young Hearts also enjoys a quarterly fellowship whereby  their friends can be invited to join in the fun.

The age group starts at the age of 3 years up to 12 years.