The Ministry

After six years of ministry as Living Waters Family Church, Pastor Tinus & Judy Marais were introduced to Pastor John A. Cherry and From the Heart Church Ministries in 2004. They immediately felt the connection to the “Reformation Message” as God already called them in 1998 “To Restore the Altar of The Lord that was Broken Down” (1 Kings 18:30). A solid understanding of the reformation message and a good relationship was established


After a long legal process, From the Heart Church Ministries of South Africa © was established in 2008.


Episcopal Pastor John A. and Rev Diana P. Cherry


Pastor Tinus and Judy Marais.

From the Heart Church Ministries World Wide ®; have local churches all over the world and still growing. Locations include the USA (Parent Church in Washington DC), Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, India, Indonesia and South America.